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Strong Solar Panels For Florida Homes - The Tampa Solar Company

Sep 23

If you want to cut down on your electric bills It is possible to install the solar energy system in your home. This technology can make your home more efficient in terms of energy efficiency and boost the value of your house. These systems are long-lasting, affordable, and good for homes that are subject to extreme weather conditions.

Solar energy system increases resale value

Whether or not the solar energy system could improve the resale value Florida homes has been a topic of discussion. According to the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, the answer depends on the kind of buyer. Potential buyers who are interested in saving the environmental footprint or cutting down their carbon footprint might prefer to pay a premium. Buyers who don't care about these issues might not be able or willing to pay more.

While a solar system could increase the value of your home, there are some drawbacks. Potential homebuyers might be dissuaded by due to the appearance of solar panels. Some may be worried about the cost of maintenance and repairs. Others may be reluctant to make a long-term commitment to solar energy.

Zillow recently reported that solar energy systems can boost the value of Florida homes by as much as 4 percent. Although this may seem like a lot, it is important that you keep in mind that the cost is contingent on a variety of factors such as the age and the area of your house.

Solar resale value can be more complicated to calculate than you think. If you can get an accurate picture of your investment and the numbers will make sense. The return on investment from a solar energy system is a major factor for buyers of homes. Before you purchase the Florida solar energy system it is crucial to fully understand the risks and benefits.

Although it's hard to determine the extent to which a solar system can boost the value of a house however, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has guidelines that will help you determine how much your investment will increase in value. The research also points out that each dollar saved on utility bills will add $20 to the value of your home. The actual savings will depend on the size of your system is and what your utility's rate-of-return is.


Installing solar panels on your Florida home is an ideal way to have a significant impact on the environment and save money. The systems are tax-exempt and will add value to your home. Furthermore, they also generate electricity that will be used to power your home. And if you're thinking about selling your home solar panels could bring a significant amount of worth to the property.

A 10.2-kW solar panel installation located in Tampa Bay will offset about 90% of the typical bill for utilities. That means you can save more than $1,714 per year and enough to cover the cost of your panels in a single month! To pay for 90% of Tampa Bay's monthly bill for utilities, it would require 28 panels. This would cost around $27,500.

While the cost of solar panels may be high, it can greatly cut your power bill. Solar power systems are built to last for decades and the majority of manufacturers provide warranties of between 20 and 30 years. These warranties can be extended however, this could add cost to the project.

The cost of a solar panel system for the Tampa home will be based on the size of your house as well as the amount of power your house is expected to use. A five-kilowatt solar system will cost you between $11,400 and $15.410 based on how many panels you will require. You can save even more cash by using a 30% federal investment credit.

The Florida state government provides a number of incentives to encourage the installation of solar panels on Florida residences. Florida is the third largest producer of solar power in the country. Florida provides a variety of incentives to help cut your electricity bills.


When you're considering the installation of solar panels in Florida homes, it's best to choose durable models. Florida is known for its severe weather conditions, including hurricanes and tropical storms and that's why it's crucial to have solar panels that are able to withstand the elements. REC provides extended warranties on panels that are sturdy. These warranties may raise the cost of your project.

Conduct your own research to ensure that you get a reliable and reputable solar contractor. You will be able to make informed decisions and get accurate details. Find a firm that has a track record of success and a high level of trustworthiness. Find out about the certifications of the contractor. Many solar industry associations offer training to contractors and make sure that they're performing high-quality work.

Solar panels can be an excellent way to cut down on your electric bill and increase the worth of your house. They can last anywhere from 20-30 years, so they can be paid for in some years. A solar panel installation will reduce your monthly electricity bill by hundreds of bucks.

Solar panels are priced between $350 and $700 per watt depending on the size of your Florida house. The more benefits you get, the bigger your solar array. Furthermore, Florida does not have any state-specific solar tax credits which means you can take advantage of an investment tax credit from the federal government of 30 percent.

Florida solar incentives for solar can dramatically reduce the price of solar panels. They can even reduce the majority of homeowners electricity bills. Solar panels are exempt from tax in the state of Florida. That means that they will not affect your property taxes. A Florida solar power system can also increase the value of your property by more than 20 times.

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Community solar program

Solar energy is a fantastic method to lower your electric bill while also helping the environment. Solar energy is a fantastic method to cut down on the cost of electricity, especially in Florida where there is plenty of sunshine (over 300 days per year). This kind of energy could aid in preserving the environment for future generations. The average home solar system will cost about $11,442 for an 8000 watt (6 kW) panel system.

A solar energy system will help you save energy costs and can increase the value of your house. Solar panels can increase the value of your home by up to 20% for every $1,000 that you save each year. A solar system can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

The City of Tampa is actively working on several policy changes to increase the accessibility of solar panels for residents. SolSmart Bronze award winners, the city carefully examines the building codes and other regulations that impact solar installations. Additionally, the city is actively trying to move to 100% renewable energy.

According to the Public Service Commission, there approximately 90,00 Florida homes with solar energy. They make up about one percent of all electric customers. Florida has a lower percentage than other states in terms of rooftop solar installations. In fact, Florida is 21st among solar residential installations per person, and California has over 1.3 million customers using solar.

There are many financing options to choose from if you are interested in installing solar panels in your property. Solar and Energy Loan Fund provides low-interest financing to homeowners who wish to install solar panels for their roofs. There is no income or credit score prerequisite to be eligible for this program. It is not necessary to have equity in order to be eligible. Duke Clean Energy Connection Duke Clean Energy Connection offers an affordable community solar program that is a great choice. The program allows customers to subscribe to clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas pollution in Florida.

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