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What color siding has the best resale value?

Sep 8

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The best siding colors for boosting home resale value

Whether you agree or not but a great exterior can always attract any person who will visit a home. It gives character to the structure and creates a magnetic force which is very useful when you are planning of selling the house. Siding color is one of the specific aspects that you need to work on if this is your plan. Because it doesn’t just give protection but also adds beauty to the surroundings.

And since we are talking about selling the house, having a new exterior paint or siding will obviously increase its market value which is a great advantage for you as an owner. Most buyers do some home inspections with the inspectors, they would look at the exterior paint and siding conditions because those were one of the things that protect the house structure. And this is one reason why some homeowners make some renovations before they will sell their property.



What is the best color for siding to increase its resale value?

Choosing the right color for siding is also important that we can not just take for granted because the exact value of your ROI or return of investment depends on separate factors like the architectural style, neighborhood, and the overall curb appeal. Having a newly installed siding can increase its ROI (return of investment) to 75-90 percent. So, here are some of the colors that you might try to consider:

  • White - It is a classic color that forever be in style, and you won’t find it difficult to pair it with other colors around it. A white siding is a sure increase of its property value however, this color is hard to maintain because any dirt can easily be seen.
  • Off-White - It is a trendy color to play around with in the exterior part of the house, plus it gives the illusion of making the room bigger as it reflects more light however, it needs to be maintained because it is not a timeless choice that can be forever attractive.
  • Gray - It is known to be an elegant color and a great choice if you are planning of blending it with the nature that surrounds you plus it creates a sense of serenity in your yard. However, it can easily fade over time.
  • Beige - It is a color that creates a welcoming vibe and does not overwhelm any person, but the downside is that it makes the house look smaller.

Siding colors to stay away from:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Teal
  • Bright Blue
  • Pastels