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The Sales Funnel For Effective Online Marketing

Apr 26

The sales funnel is a fundamental part of business and marketing for many years. It appears that the subject of funnels in Internet-based business is becoming more and more common.

The truth of the matter is that people are eager to learn more about this concept of marketing and how they can apply it to enhance their online business marketing efforts. Continue reading to learn more about the sales funnel to effective Internet marketing.

What is the Sales Funnel?

A marketing funnel isn't an actual funnel. The reason for using the word "funnel" for this concept of marketing is to help visualize and explain a sales process from the beginning to the conclusion. The funnel is a clear comparison because it permits potential customers to be "Unqualified prospects" at the top, and more narrow chances for conversions to sales at the lower levels.

At the top or entrance to the funnel will be people we might consider to be "unqualified prospects" These are people who might require your services or products, but you have not yet contacted them. By the end of this funnel, a number of sales and offers later, you've gotten folks who have purchased the product or service you offer and made purchases as well.

The efficiency of a lead generation funnel comes from the fact that it allows you to track potential prospects' actions during different stages of the lengthy selling process. It is possible to forecast the potential number of customers through the sales funnel by being aware of the number of qualified prospects throughout the process.

You can use a sales funnel to determine the areas and ways in which your sales procedure is working or failing, and whether you're not attracting enough customers. This information allows you to decide where you should concentrate your efforts and to keep sales at a required level, as well as, to fulfill marketing goals. It's used as a method to gauge and manage the sales process of customers.

The Sales Funnel Top, Front or End

Your top sales funnel is your most active and crucial part of your process. It is constantly tested. There are virtually no limits to your creativity or resources in front-end strategies.

The primary goal of the front- end is to draw potential customers in and turn them into buyers further down the sales funnel.

If a potential customer opts in or subscribes to something you offer, they are "qualified". This is where the potential customer, also known as an "Unqualified Prospect", becomes an "qualified lead. They have taken a step which suggests they might be interested in the product or service you offer.

In order to make your front-end efficient it is essential to drive targeted traffic towards your blog, website, squeeze page, or blog. The most efficient methods and resources for doing this include articles marketing, PPC adverts, social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), banners, blogging, forum posting, content marketing and more.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to "qualify the unqualified prospect". One of the most effective is the use of a squeeze page where you can offer something of value pertinent to your service or product that folks can get for free or drastically reduced price for the exchange of their email address and name. There are many products available, including newsletters, videos, email courses ebooks, as well as related reports.

The front end of your sales funnel is the point where prospects are attracted to you. Now what about the back-end?


The Bottom of The Funnel: The Back-End

The back-end (or the bottom) of your sales channel is where the bulk of sales and profits occur. It is also where you'll find your more expensive products. These products would all be relevant to the same market, but they are delivered in different formats, such as audio, video and live interaction.

The main distinction between the front-end of the service and the back end is the kind of service or cost of the client.

Although it's true that a very small percentage of people will be able to enter your front-end however, just 1-2% of them will be able to make it into your back-end. It's okay, because this tiny group will be investing much more money.

You see, that although front-end products and services may cost under $100, back-end products and services are typically priced in the hundreds or thousands. This makes the back-end or bottom of the sales funnel the main source of revenue for your Internet company, and it's the most reliable and stable part of the sales funnel.

As I mentioned earlier the sales funnel could be as simple or complicated as your creativity or resources permit.

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