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Benefits of a Custom Wrought Iron Gate

Apr 20

A custom-made wrought-iron gate is an attractive and durable addition to your property. Using wrought iron in the construction of your gate will greatly enhance the value of your property. You can find out more about its benefits below. This material has numerous benefits. Moreover, it is highly durable. This material can last for many years. As for the cost and maintenance, it is affordable. However, there are several things to consider when installing a custom-made wrought-iron gate.


Wrought iron is a popular choice for fencing, as it is the strongest material available. It is stronger than diamonds and more resistant to bending than wood and vinyl. This makes wrought iron the ideal choice if you need a strong gate that will last for years. It is also highly ornamental, which can add to the curb appeal of your home. With proper maintenance, wrought iron can also last for decades and withstand damage from weather, insects, and other elements.


The custom wrought iron gate is a secure option for your property. Made from hand-forged iron, it features an interlocking grid pattern and 3/4-inch round stiles and rails. Master blacksmiths create this intricate design and install tension-adjustable hinges. Custom-made iron gates also feature custom-crafted door pulls. They can be made in any design and size to fit your specific needs. Custom iron gates are available in over 400 patina colors and finishes to ensure the ultimate security for your property.


The cost of a custom wrought iron gate varies greatly depending on the type, size, and design of your gate. A single swinging gate can cost as little as $300, and an automated security gate can cost as much as $2,000 - plus the cost of an electrician's hourly rate. Contractors generally charge by linear feet, so a long, high-security gate will cost more than a single-person swinging gate.


You need to maintain your custom wrought iron gate to ensure its long-lasting beauty. Simple repairs can extend the life of your fence, like replacing missing hardware or fasteners. But if the repairs are more extensive, it may be necessary to hire a professional to do the job. For wrought iron fences, a complete refinishing is recommended every two or three years to weatherproof the iron and maintain structural integrity. Complete repainting can also bring back the color to a uniform tone.


Wrought iron is a versatile material that can be molded into various styles and designs. It is possible to personalize your custom wrought iron gate by adding initials, decorative twists, and elaborate scrolls. These gates add a classic and regal look to any space. Moreover, they also enhance the value of your property. Therefore, investing in these gates is well worth it. Besides its traditional aesthetic, these gates can serve as a useful tool for enhancing the security and safety of your property.

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